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Moment Of Peace

That moment when I could sit back

and clear my head of all cobwebs

holding onto the life I created for myself

But now I’m filled with doubts

until I can see clearly where my

the path is leading me to.

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Success isn’t about

how much money

you make, it’s

about the

difference you

make in people’s


Quote by Michelle Obama.

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So I Wrote…

A Vixen at Gloaming

I hate depression

how it surrounds and suffocates

I can be gentle with it

in everybody

except one

That one make me angry

protective and hostile

like it is a personal attack

I want to defend that one

rip the depression out

stomp on it

discard it

end it

I know very well that is not how it works

How to resolve anger

at something so insubstantial?

How to be gentle, even with this?

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