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Success isn’t about

how much money

you make, it’s

about the

difference you

make in people’s


Quote by Michelle Obama.

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Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you- Oprah Winfrey.


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So I Wrote…

A Vixen at Gloaming

I hate depression

how it surrounds and suffocates

I can be gentle with it

in everybody

except one

That one make me angry

protective and hostile

like it is a personal attack

I want to defend that one

rip the depression out

stomp on it

discard it

end it

I know very well that is not how it works

How to resolve anger

at something so insubstantial?

How to be gentle, even with this?

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Renewal Of Your Mind


The mind is like an orbit revolving in space. The power it evokes is enough to determine where you are positioned in your life, however, if the mind isn’t powerful enough to move boundaries then it needs to be developed. How is this done?

It’s done through the renewal of your mind, you need to become fully aware of your thoughts, sensations, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts of your senses. The sleeping cells in your brain will awaken from slumber when it is challenged.

You have to explore your mind, delve into the space left untouched for so long out of ignorance, try to become sensitive to your environment, think outside the box, learn meditation, learn self-awareness.

These techniques will highlight parts of your mind which will help in the way of your life, career, relationships, the whole lot of things that you ought to have experienced but never…

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